Often times, I have heard people ask why relationships fail.

Have you ever had to question yourself on why you face some challenges in your relationship?

Trust me, it is not easy to discover that. It takes time to know what is wrong and why you may fail in your relationship.

Here are some reasons your relationship might fail:

  1. Comparing Your Relationship with Others: It is a great mistake to be putting your spouse or partner in the same shoe that your friends are. You may have friends who show that their relationship is perfect and good but you might just be seeing the surface. They might have a lot of things they deal with too. Putting your relationship atmosphere with theirs might cause a serious damage to yours. Love your partner for who s/he is and not who you wish they were.
  2. Barren Communication: In the previous post, we talked more about communication. That is because it is a very important phenomenon in any relationship. If you do not have a smooth and romantic communication with your partner, there is a high tendency that your relationship might fail. Keeping how you feel to yourself will never help you make it a successful relationship. You have to open up to your partner. Discuss any random thing, even if it seems meaningless. Just make sure you talk to each other.
  3. Ask Your Partner this Question. If you feel something is not right about your relationship, you might need to ask him/her this question: Are you in this relationship because you do not have a choice? Anyone who loves you will be ready to go the extra mile to make it work out. They won’t consider it difficult to make sacrifices especially the one that inconvenient them. If your partner cannot truly answer that question, then something is wrong somewhere.
  4. Lack of Connection: In a relationship, the chemistry must be alive in order to know whether you are truly in love together. If one of you in trying to express love but the other doesn’t reflect it, then the equation is not balanced. No matter how shy anyone is, when love is true, it will be reflected. Are you attached to your partner? How long can you survive without hearing from each other? It is of great importance to know the level of connection between you so as not to labour in vain.
  5. What is the Ratio of Your Effort to Protect the Relationship?: As it is known, it takes two people to have a relationship. It is a known fact that the world is not balanced, but in terms of a relationship, there is the need to attain a level of balance. The two of you must work together in order to keep the relationship alive. If one is trying hard to make it work and the other doesn’t feel concerned, then, the death of such relationship approaches gradually. Make it your priority. You have to own it. Feed it. Cherish and care for it together with your partner.

There are many more reasons for a relationship to fail, you might do well to add yours in the comment box. Feel free to share with your friends.

I await your response in the comment box.

Thank you for reading.


Relationship Problem 2

Hello there! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful day. Today was really stressful for me and I just could not do without dropping something for you on the page. I really love and cherish you, so, I cannot but share my thought with you on our very important course, (Relationship 101) lol!

It’s time to get to work!

Yeah! Thanks so much for the comments on the last posts, I really appreciate them. You know loving you is not debatable? Yes, I love you.

Today, we are going to discuss another simple but complex relationship problem. It is like having lips without someone to romantically feed on them when it’s absent in a relationship.

What is this problem? Could it be that important?

Yes! It is!

Before we get into the business, could you answer this question for me?

Can you go a week without calling your partner?

If your answer is Yes, I’m afraid you need to check what you mean by loving someone with the whole of your heart.

Can your heart go without a beat?

That brings us to the topic for today


Communication is what waters the seed of your relationship in order for you to grow together in love. Just the symphony of your partner’s voice on a regular basis is a factor that allows you to:

  • Get attached to your partner
  • Fond of each other
  • Express your feelings naturally
  • Know more about him/her
  • Sometimes, not have a complete day without having to hear from him/her.

Name anything that makes love grow and I will tell you it is the solid effect of Healthy Communication.

There are some mistakes that many people make about the relationship. Sometimes, you mix texting, WhatsApp, Facebook and any other form of social media communication as the perfect means of growing your relationship. No, it is way more than that.

It is always possible for anybody to say they are ‘Fine’ while chatting, but in the real sense, they are not.

One thing that is possible is that hearing the voice will help in knowing whether they are fine or not.

The pitch variation of the voice is capable of letting you know.

As I have said, building a successful relationship hangs more on your level of intimacy which is going to be made possible through your level of communication.

Note, communication in a relationship is meant to be a mutual thing. It must not be one-sided. The two are in the relationship, so it must be their work if they truly want to have a successful relationship. When you say you love someone, it should not be a burden or task for you to pick your phone and call the person.

Do not deny your partner the right to build your relationship together.

So, as you keep growing in your relationship, maintain a healthy communication.

That is all we have for today. I hope you enjoyed the journey. As you know, your comments are the heartbeat of my thoughts. Kindly drop it in the comment section.

Relationship Problem 1

Hey! How are you doing? Welcome to another edition of our Relationship corner.

It is really great to have you here. Yes, thanks for going through the last post. I hope you enjoyed and have learnt one or two things from it. Please remember to drop your comment to let me know your view too.

Today, we will be going on the journey of one of the problems we face in a relationship. Though it seems not so important but giving it a critical and emotional look, I found out that it is capable of destroying what we share in a relationship.

Let us start by asking ourselves, Is Love enough to make a relationship work out?

Well, some people might argue that you need love to make a relationship a success. While I will not dispute that fact, I will also like to add that love without considering the potential and impact of trust in a relationship is like winking to a lady in the dark, you only know what you are doing while the lady doesn’t even know that you are doing it.

So, the Problem number one is TRUST


Robert Baden-Powell

Loving someone involves giving your trust to the person. Trust is a really big entity in a relationship because, without it, the intricacies of relationship might be difficult to handle.

There are many things that have to do with trust in a relationship. Let us romantically touch some of them:

  • Trust your partner’s decision: Trusting your partner’s decision is a really good way to show how much you believe in them. This entails asking for their opinion on any issue. Even if you know what you want to do, asking your partner to share their view will go a long way in showing how much you cherish them. In addition, it will make them feel safe around you. You know, everybody wants a safe relationship.
  • Walk the talk: Fulfilling your promise in a relationship makes your partner develop a sense of trust in you. If you cannot stand on a promise of coming to visit a partner without giving a reasonable reason, such partner might count that as a kind of game playing. Apologies here, most ladies are on the look-out for any sign of infidelity and you not fulfilling your promise might count as a sign to a sensitive partner.
  • Show that you are ready to take the risk: For a person to be in the pool of love with you, that speaks some level of trust. When this is not replicated, it becomes difficult to earn the person’s trust. Loving is risky and it must be a mutual one taken by the two parties. To enjoy the ride, you’ve got to be ready to pay the price.
  • Share your feelings with your partner: This has been proven by some marriage experts that sharing your feelings with your partner makes them feel trusted. Who do you call first when something either good or bad happens to you between your mommy and your partner? If you can answer this correctly, then you are ready to make your relationship journey a worthwhile one.

As I have said, there are countless things that have to do with trust in a relationship but I have only mention a few. I hope you have enjoyed the ride today.

Thank you for being on the journey with me, it was really fun sharing those things.

As you know, your comment is really important here, I really cherish whatever point you share with me because we are all growing every day. So, hit the comment box and share your view! Feel free to share with your partners!

Can Men Do Without Cheating?

Hello there! Welcome to our relationship corner. You have not made mistake coming here. In fact, I can tell you that it is a perfect place to be because all we do from now on is to talk about the relationship. On this page, we are in the business together. I give my point of view and you, in your kind nature, share me yours! You know? Let’s make it a collaborative discussion!

So, now to our business. Our topic for today is, CAN MEN DO WITHOUT CHEATING?

There is no perfect answer to this because cheating as a phenomenon is a relative thing. If you ask men that cheat, they will definitely have something to give you as their alibi. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I need to tell a woman I love her when it is not really from my heart?

Honestly speaking, as a man who I am, I try to abstain from the pressure to look out of the window of my relationship. There is much attention which some ladies give to men which the men’s ladies do not give them or let’s say, not enough, which eventually make them take solace in the romantic restaurant of these other women.

The question now should be, what are the factors that contribute to men cheating?

There are many factors but I will try to mention a few of them.

  • Most Men are possessive: I feel we should say here that it will be too fallacious to generalise that all men cheat because that means I am also in the game. Fortunately for me, I do not cheat and I have no plan to, the reason is not far fetched, I am a lover boy. I love my woman and all I care about is to see her happy. Now, there is an inherent feeling of not letting go of an opportunity in most men. Most of the times, women make advances to men even to the point of asking them out. It will become difficult for a man who doesn’t really have control over his emotion to just let go of the bonus that just comes his way. You know? something like a Jackpot. It takes a strong bond and feeling of attachment for a man not to be sleeping around.
  • The bitterness of the past relationship(s): Some men don’t just start cheating, it is as a result of the hard lesson taught them by the past relationship. For instance, a man who was loyal to his girlfriend all through only to find out the lady has fallen in love with another man all because of something (probably material) is missing. It becomes a pain in the heart and eventually causes the feeling of avenging the hazardous effect of the past from the present. Most men lose their trust in women generally as a result of what they went through.
  • Lack of Satisfaction: This day, going into a relationship has its own reason. The reason some people venture into the business of love is that of the demands of their sexual hormones. Even though sex is not proof of love, to some people, it is very important and if they do not have it, they tend to find it somewhere else. Therefore, they cheat because they are possessive! They can’t just let go!
  • Peer Pressure: This thing is a really really big problem on someone who allows the society to control him. You know, men like to talk about their relationship experience. Some will even go to the extent of talking about their sex life. The pressure to have more will set in when one or two of the peer group share what he enjoys from cheating. If a man keeps that kind of group, he tends to try and work by the trend of his group.
  • Relationship Heat: This is a rather important problem in most relationships. When the man feels the heat and has nowhere to go, he gets enticed by the attention of a dangling butt outside, then just pluck the fruit on the tree! It is important for partners to make their relationship be the best place to seek refuge. It doesn’t mean that you will not argue but when it comes up, let it be done with love. Let him feel loved and accommodated. If a man doesn’t feel wanted, he gets scared of his position in his woman’s heart.

There are countless things that contribute to men cheating in their relationship but we can only talk about a few.

To answer our question now, well, I am a man who doesn’t cheat and still pray to hold onto that legacy even though it is not easy.

Men can stop cheating on the condition that they determined not to cheat. Cheating is a personal conviction it is not genetic.

If you agree or have an objection to the above, please drop your comment and let us see the world of relationship from your view. Remember, I said we are stuck together in this!

Thank you for reading.


Anger is one of the most powerful things that God created with human being. Nobody is void of Anger, it is just that the percentage of your anger might be different from mine. Yours might be 70% while mine may be 95% but, there is no other name for it other than ANGER.
Getting angry always is either to make things work out well as we want it to be or make things worse.
To avoid getting angry at every little things, here are some things you need to know.

  1. See Anger As The Instrument Of Devil
    I believe you are not a newbie to the teachings of anger as one of the tools use by devil to dsestroy what is good in the life of human being.
    So, if you continue to see anger as the instrument of devil, you can control yourself by avoiding it totally.
  2. Prepare Your Mind For It
    Try not to assume that everybody knows you and what you like or do not like should be known by them.
    You are only yourself and the only one that can understand yourself. So, by preparing your mind every minutes that there is probability for someone or something to make you angry,will help you to know how to handle it when it finally happens.

  3. Don’t Forget Your Smile
    One of the things that makes you attractive to people is you ‘smile’ . If you are a person that smiles everytime, you will not be easily annoyed by everything because you’ll be concious of not letting people see the. Other side of you.

  4. Let People Know What Annoys You:
    Sometimes telling people what you don’t like helps in overcoming your anger. Tell them ‘ I don’t like this thing you’e doing’. That will make them not to try it with you again. Even if it’s your partner in your relationship, let him/ her know what makes you mad anytime it shows up. Remember that creating awareness helps a lot in overcoming your anger.

I guess I have to give it a pause here, maybe in later time I’ll continue with this very pressing topic. But! Wait! I have a task for you, thought not a very big one but, you can help me by sharing this with your friends so that you can help someone to know how to handle their anger.

Don’t forget to ask God for His divine support for you to overcome your ANGER.

Feel free to share this as long as you can.

Having A Great Day At Work.


Its not so much hassle getting to work, and dabbling into the days activities. Much more, there are great things that should be done even before one starts his/her day to have an effective, most fulfilling day!

Bearing it mind that the first few minutes of the day at work is what determines how successful the day will be, here are top six things to do to have an awesomely great day at work.

1. GET TO WORK EARLY If the movie you have planned to watch this night will obviously make you wake up late, thereby resulting into you arriving work late, it means you should save the movie till weekend. When you get to work early, it gives you ample time to properly plan your time.

2. ORGANIZE YOUR DAY Organizing your day might be to start with few words of prayers to set the tone of your day, noting down what needs to be done for the day and how to do it. Ever seen anyone who fails to plan He/she has the plans to fail already. There is something that comes with organizing your day, it makes you to be in charge of your activities and on top of your games for the day.

3. YOUR MOOD MATTERS No matter what happened at home before you got to work, hey, drop it at the gatepost of your workyou know why Your mood matters a whole lot. For every wrong mood, there is a always consequences for it, especially while at work. Emotions have a way of affecting the output of humans. Will you ever want to have a business transaction with someone whose countenance from afar early in the morning is not polite or sweet Im sure your answer is also no like mine!..Plan your mood, be sensitive and never let your emotions rob you of the fulfillment that come with your work.

4. TAKE FIVE MINUTES BREAK Finally settling down for the days work can be tempting, especially when you think you are emotionally, mentally and physically ready for the days task. This is a great advice for you. Just before you start the days work, while on your seat, just a little time..five minutes advisably, to gather momentum for the day. You can rest your back, close your eyes and let your mind wander off the work of the day. This way, it lets you reflects on many other things you do not even know exist.

5. START YOUR WORK It said that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. After you gotten to work early, said your prayers, dealt with your emotions and you have observed your five minutes reflective break, then, what next start your work earnestly!

These actions have been overtime nodded at, to have helped many to conquer all work related challenges. It has also helped in dealing with stresses that comes with relationships at work. Try it today and you will see results. Do have a great day!

Marriage Is A Prison?

This is one of the vital things in life. Marriage is a very important journey in the life of some people while to another person it’s like being in a prison. The question that comes to mind is ‘Is Marriage Really a Prison?
If you ask many people they will surely have one or two reasons for saying whether marriage is a prison or not. But in my own point of view, I don’t think marriage should be regarded as being a prison because it’s what you choose to have and to spend the rest of your life with. Before you decide who to settle down with, you should have made l your mind up and know what it takes to stay with a person forever without a change of thought. though it’s not easy to manage a marriage, if you put some things together and put those things into your ways of life you’ll never know the hard part of marriage. Here are some things you’ll need to know before getting yourself in what will be with you forever.

Ask yourself, if the percentage of your patience is enough for the marriage.
What is your motive of getting married?
Are you marrying because you love, want to be loved, financial support, or maybe because you want to have your own children?
If your partner erred, how can you settle it without involving any third party?

Those are the questions you should ask yourself before getting married reason being that marriage is a forever journey without any bus-stop.
If you’re able to find the answer to those questions then you can go ahead with your wish.
The sodium carbonate to be used in managing marriage is “PATIENCE”, “TOLERANCE”, “HONESTY” and “CONFIDENCE”.
Above all let God be the foundation of your family because He’s the only one to make things work out as we want.